Deb StambulDo you love your pet's behavior?

We all love our pets. We love their individual personalities, whether they are a larger companion parrot, a pup, or a pig. But do you always love their behavior? Do they respond to your requests, or do they continuously exhibit unwanted behavior (and don't mind showing off for company?)

I can help you change unwanted behavior

I offer behavior modification solutions, husbandry, and boarding for your companion animal. My philosophy in working with animals is to always give them a choice about their own behavior, unless it is a life-threatening situation. A history of positive experiences with an animal yields a trust-building relationship between the animal and its human companion. For me it is not about getting a behavior once, it is about getting it that second, third, and one hundredth time the cue is given. It is an animal moving toward you, not moving away. The animal tells us all we need to know about how they feel about our request. Watching their body language gives us the cue to move forward.Training is always a two-way communication.

"Deb provides excellent behavioral support for problems while only using shaping techniques and positive reinforcement. Overall, I am happy
to endorse Deborah...she has helped many of my clients. She is a kind and gentle person. Her training skills are excellent. I strongly recommend her!"

Dr. Frank Lavac
MS/DVM, Avian Diplomate,ABVP-Avian,
Medical Director: VCA Wilshire Animal Hospital, Dogs, Cats, Exotics.
Board Certified in Avian Practice

"Deb represents a new generation of behavior consultant, long overdue in the world of companion parrots. Committed to her own on-going,
science-based education, Deb can be relied on to disseminate the best behavior information currently available. With her guidance, traditional forceful strategies can be replaced with facilitative teaching to improve the quality of life for all."

S. G. Friedman, Ph.D.
Utah State University Dept of Psychology, Dept of Special Education

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